Monday, October 27, 2008

My Second Day

Today is my second day at Lam Wah Ee...I started to open my eyes but where's mommy? Mommy still in her room, still in pain and cannot get up ya mommy....Try harder mommy..dun worry bout me, I have all pretty aunty here in nursery...

Baby Adrian

My First Day

Pity mommy, she requested for induction at 5.30am on the 28.08.2008 but I eagerly wanna come out and see her first...She was admitted at 10.00pm on the 27.08.2008 and been chased to the labour room and at 1.30am the doctor came and told her that she needs to go with C-section because my cord had tight my neck...Hurry mommy!!!

2.27am....Hello mommy,hello daddy....Here I come....